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The Data Center Heat Is On

Aug 19, 2008

James Cope of Processor Magazine had some nice things to say about our USB temperature sensor:

Rather than shell out big bucks for a big-brand temperature monitoring system, Harry Schechter developed a USB device and accompanying software that he named Temperature@lert (866/524-3540; and started a company of the same name in Boston, Mass.

Fortunately, Schechter knew something about circuit design and software development. He created a circuit with an embedded temperature sensor that resides on a USB device the size of a thumb drive. “I wanted something simple that could alert equipment users when temperature conditions change beyond the thresholds they set,” Schechter says.

The Temperature@lert device has a solid-state sensor that Schechter says never needs calibrating. “The sensor talks to a microprocessor connected to a computer via a USB port. The software reads the sensor based on whatever the user sets,” he says. “It reads the temperature if it goes above or below that threshold, and when it does, the system goes into an alarm state and will continue to automatically email the user until the temperature goes back to a normal (within the threshold) condition.”View the full article and read on...

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