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Budget-friendly Server Room Cooling Methods

Aug 31, 2009

Having trouble maintaining the proper temperature in your server room? Looking for low-cost, high performance ways to improve temperature monitoring and alerting? Take a peek at this recent article in where Temperature@lert CEO Harry Schechter shares some practical solutions for budget-friendly server room cooling methods:

Server rooms and data centers in search of budget-friendly cooling methods don’t have to dig deeply to strike oil—there are plenty of solutions available for environments of all sizes. The

  • Replace or retrofit existing cabinets with a ducted air approach. 
  • If there is open access between existing racks, add air dividers and front-to-rear air dams (foam weather stripping). 
  • Use virtualization to consolidate hardware and possibly even shut down servers when usage is low. 
  • Consider using outside air cooling, depending on location, through the use of air-side or water-side economizers. 
  • Consider sending commodity-type functions (such as email) out of house to lessen the burden on in-house equipment. 
  • Design a plan based on measurements and metrics and be sure to install metering systems on the power feeds to the IT and cooling equipment. 
  • Update outdated facilities equipment. Newer equipment is more efficient and may qualify for government rebates.
  • Incorporate a high performance, low cost temperature monitoring device such as Temperature@lert USB Edition (full disclosure: we added this shameless plug in ourselves!).

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