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The Number One Cause Of Server Room Environmental Disasters May Suprise You

Mar 24, 2011

Monitoring server room temperature is a critical part of any IT infrastructure. Though the number one cause of server room environmental disasters may surprise you. According to the uptime institute:

6. When an air conditioner failure occurs, server room and data center temperatures can rise from 68° F to over 85° F in as little as 8 1/2 minutes.

5. Servers lose approximately 50% of their reliability for every 18 degree rise in temperature above 68° F.

4. 72% of data center cooling capacity entirely bypasses computer equipment.

3. Most computer vendors (i.e. HP, Intel, Dell, Cisco, etc.) state that equipment should not be where the temperature is above 85° F. Once you exceed that limit, equipment failures are far more likely to occur.

2. Many overheating and environmental disasters in data centers and server rooms is failure of a primary or backup air conditioner.

1. The most common cause of temperature issues in data centers is human error.

Did we mention that we can help with mitigating these problems? :) Temperature@lert products help you avert disaster with an early warning of temperature problems before it's too late.

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