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Bluetooth Probe

Apr 13, 2017, 05:52 AM
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Improve HACCP efficiency with a bluetooth probe with lighting effects for intuitive visual feedback

Wireless Sensors

TempAlert's wireless sensors offer the world's only 100% wire-free installation with wireless screens for deployment in minutes.

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    100% Wire-Free:  Quickly deploy in your food service fridges, freezers, walk-ins, and makelines.
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    Enterprise Grade: Designed for multi-site food service operations where security, deployability, and reliability are critical to success.
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    Plug & Play Install: Sensors automatically connect to your TempAlert gateway to provide a self provisioning installation process. Centralized configuration is provided through our Insights dashboard.

Bluetooth Probe

TempAlert’s Bluetooth Probe provides industry leading reading speed and intuitive feedback for improving productivity.

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    Lighting Effects: Programmable lighting effects in the probe handle provide intuitive feedback to operators on whether food is in or out of range.
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    Fast Reading: Maximize process efficiency with 0.5 second reading of the probes precise T-type thermocouple.
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    Checklist Integration: Easily connect the bluetooth food probe to any digital checklist system or food safety app.

Insights Dashboard

TempAlert's dashboard provides you real-time oversight of your food safety initiative and visibility into compliance, site performance, and risks.

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    Visibility and Accountability: Gain visibility into your compliance checks and easily measure and compare site performance. Increase accountability with time stamps and signatures.
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    Collaborative Monitoring: Assign incidents to teammates and track corrective action from anywhere with TempAlert's collaborative approach to incident and workflow management.
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    Proactive Insights: Make proactive decisions enabled by TempAlert's patented product simulation that provides insight into actual product temperature as well as ambient temperature.
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    Automated Reports: Receive automated reports by email to replace paper temperature logs. Easily identify chronically failing fridges and sites that have the greatest food safety risk.

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