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It Saved My Ass

Sep 11, 2008

We love picking up the phone when you call Temperature@lert. It not only gives us an opportunity to show off our customer service (staffed exclusively by engineers here in Boston), but it also allows us to hear great stories of how Temperature@lert is being used IRL.

Just last week, a John S., of Phoenix, Arizona, told us that "Temperature@lert saved my ass!" How? By helping save thousands of bottles of wine in his expansive Phoenix-based storage facility when the AC went out over the weekend.

Yesterday, I had my own "saved my ass" moment and thought I would pass it on. You may want to read the following in the style of the late Don LaFontaine:

In a world where my new Dell laptop suddenly blue-screened (due to a bad memory chip), the spreadsheet I labored over became corrupt and unusable. My last backup to the USB drive was the day before... BUT all was not lost. Carbonite had backed up the file moments before and I was able to restore my work.

Sound like an endorsement for Carbonite? You bet your ass it is.

Whether it's with our products or someone else's, if you've had a "saved my ass" moment, let us know. We're always looking for ways to stay covered.

-Harry Schechter
Founder, Temperature@lert

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