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TIP: How Sensor Cloud Works

Aug 07, 2012

Have you ever wanted to remotely monitor your Temperature@lert device? If you answered "yes," then Sensor Cloud is for you.

Sensor Cloud takes the readings and data compiled by your device and transfers them onto an Internet account that you can remotely monitor from anywhere. No longer do you have to worry about working from home and wondering if everything is okay at your job, vacation home, or any other location you have chosen to monitor. This service allows its users to monitor via iPhone, iPad, or Android apps as well as mobile browser and through any web browser.

For a low-cost, your device will send the data to our secure server and your readings then magically appear online on your Sensor Cloud account. Now you can check in with your device(s) at any moment so that you can be at peace of mind. You will be able to set phone, text, and email alerts for your set thresholds. Not to mention, it will put all your devices onto one interface that way you no longer have to locally check each individual device.

Sensor Cloud is no longer just available for CELL users anymore. Due to popular request, Sensor Cloud service is now available for our USB and WIFI users as well. For more information on Sensor Cloud, please visit:

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