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Restaurant Monitoring
Increase food safety visibility and reduce risk with TempAlert’s real-time food safety system.
Pharmacy Monitoring
Ensure compliance visibility and improve staff productivity with TempAlert’s real-time monitoring system.

TempAlert Difference

Apr 13, 2017, 05:16 AM
Deploys in Minutes: Install in minutes with self-provisioning wire-free sensors.
Collaborative Monitoring: Drive efficiency with TempAlert's collaborative system for incident management and cross-team workflows.
Enterprise Grade: Store & forward technology for lossless monitoring, 5-year battery life, IP-67 rated sensors, and AES encryption and certificates.
Proactive Insights: Gain visibility with predictive models and simulated product temperatures that enable proactive decision making.
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Mission-Driven Impact

For every system we sell, we donate one to a healthcare clinic that needs to monitor lifesaving vaccines.

The goal is to eliminate temperature damage to vaccines where currently over 50% of refrigerated vaccines are damaged in developing countries.

The TempAlert system is PQS certified by the World Health Organization.

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