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May 10, 2017, 10:22 AM
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Hospitals and clinics store a variety of medical products, drugs, vaccines, samples and biologics onsite, and each component has varying environmental control processes for temperature, humidity, and other conditions.
Hospital and Clinic Monitoring for Compliance and Quality Control

Many hospitals and clinics possess a wide variety of refrigerated and frozen vaccines, medications, samples, blood, research cultures, and have a vested interest in protecting these mission-critical drugs and samples from equipment failure or malfunction, potentially leading to adverse environmental conditions.

A well-maintained hospital will train staff diligently on environmental requirements and limits for certain goods or drugs, and should have dedicated resources (emergency refrigerator farms, backup freezers in offsite locations) to manage emergency situations (such as extended power outages or equipment problems). Primary and backup remote monitoring systems with battery backup can play a pivotal role as a real-time first-sign indicator of trouble. In many cases, mission-critical systems like remote monitoring within hospitals will leverage cellular communication technology, as they meet a higher standard of reliability than do traditional WiFi networks

Where our devices are used:

  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • Blood Banks
  • Research Laboratories
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Specialist Clinics
  • Retail-Based Clinics
The TempAlert Difference


  • Actionable Alerts

    Alerts via email, SMS text, and automated phone call to protect your assets around-the-clock.

  • Plug and Play Solution

    Deploy sensor networks in minutes with ease.
No IT required.

  • Backup Battery and Store & Forward

    Backup Battery and Store & Forward Technology for network outages.* (cellular models only*)

  • NIST Calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ

    Accredited ISO 17025 NIST Calibration and Certification and IQ / OQ / PQ Validation.

  • Intelligent Analytics Platform

    Use Sensor Cloud to view temperature logs, run robust reports, and to leverage compliance features.

  • Regulation Focused

    Approved for use by the CDC, FDA, BOP, and VFC program with audit logs, 6 year storage, and corrective action notation.

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