Products - Insights Dashboard

May 10, 2017, 09:52 AM
Header : Insights Dashboard
Manage your sensor network from anywhere with the Insights Dashboard

Monitor around the clock

  • Phone, email & text notifications

    Get alerts by email, text, and phone when conditions breach your desired thresholds. Provide targeted notifications to others in your organization in real-time.

  • Real-time visibility, when you need it

    Log in from any computer or device for immediate insight into current conditions and historical trends.

  • Alert customization

    Use advanced tools to configure multiple thresholds, multiple recipients, and escalating alerts


Seamless Remote Management

  • Manage your sensor network

    Manage multiple devices all in one location. Use powerful administration tools to seamlessly manage your entire monitoring system.

  • Ensure compliance & maintain quality control

    Integrated compliance and quality control features include incident reports, corrective action logs, calibrated sensors, and calibration compliance management.

  • Automatic upgrade and enhancements

    Use a cloud-based system with automatic over-the-air updates & enhancements.

  • Multi-layer security

    Industry leading security protocols include separation of our billing and monitoring systems, 128-bit AES encryption, role-based user credentials, and optional cellular communication to operate independent of your network

Automated Documentation & Reporting

  • Eliminate human error and improve efficiency

    Sensor readings are automated for operational efficiency and elimination of human error. A complete log history is available for up to 6 years, providing improved insight and analysis.

  • Fault-tolerant record keeping

    Backup batteries and Store & Forward technology ensure complete documentation and record keeping for easy recall, even in the case of power loss or network interruption.

  • Advanced reporting & analysis

    Schedule reports, use sophisticated graphing tools, run trend analysis, and leverage an open API for predictive modeling.