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May 10, 2017, 10:29 AM
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Convenience stores require multi-point environmental monitoring protection, spanning from basic display cases and coolers to ready-to-eat cases and displays. Integrated systems that capture actionable data points from each environment help to preserve quality and maintain compliance.
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Integrated Retail Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring is a difficult business challenge for convenience store retailers. Retail stores have a combination of pre-prepared grab-and-go meals, medications and over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, treatments, frozen foods, and refrigerated drinks. Likewise, fast food, coffee shops, and other food & beverage retail establishments have the same challenges. In all cases, there are many key stakeholders connected to the transportation and storage of these goods as they reach the end-retail sites, and there is a critical emphasis on environmental control and continuous environmental data logging for regulatory compliance. Retail stores must consider an investment in an integrated remote monitoring solution, one that combines data points from all respective temperature sensitive goods and consumer products, and aggregates them to extract valuable equipment, product, and potential spoilage insights to meet regulations.

One specific remote monitoring challenge within retail and convenience stores is the concept of severity, and how to properly triage environmental excursions at scale. Retails stores can take advantage of data-driven incident management systems to identify and quickly remedy high-severity events (total equipment failure - vaccines), while properly managing and patching up low-severity events (brief excursion - frozen food). The end result is better asset visibility, and an incident management system is the ideal digital paper trail system that meets CDC, VFC, BOP, and FDA regulations.

Where our devices are used:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Quick Service Retail
  • Hyper Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Coffee Shops
  • Fast Food
The TempAlert Difference


  • Actionable Alerts

    Alerts via email, SMS text, and automated phone call to protect your assets around-the-clock.

  • Plug and Play Solution

    Deploy sensor networks in minutes with ease.
No IT required.

  • Backup Battery and Store & Forward

    Backup Battery and Store & Forward Technology for network outages.* (cellular models only*)

  • NIST Calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ

    Accredited ISO 17025 NIST Calibration and Certification and IQ / OQ / PQ Validation.

  • Intelligent Analytics Platform

    Use Sensor Cloud to view temperature logs, run robust reports, and to leverage compliance features.

  • Regulation Focused

    Approved for use by the CDC, FDA and USDA, and complies with FSMA & HACCP programs with audit logs, 6 year storage, and corrective action notation.

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