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May 10, 2017, 10:18 AM
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IT and Server Room environments require strict control processes for temperature, humidity, and water detection. A fully-automated monitoring system can help prevent overheating of servers, moisture/rust buildup on equipment, and flooding in mission critical environments like IT.
Server Room Temperature Monitoring

Server Rooms typically house thousands of dollars worth of electrical and computing equipment, often storing proprietary data, customer accounts, or other sources of valuable information that represents the lifeblood of the business. Businesses can avoid losing server equipment from overheating rooms due to HVAC failures, corroded and rusting equipment from high humidity, and outright damage from leaks by deploying remote monitoring systems for data centers, server rooms, and general equipment storage areas.

ASHRAE has several recommended environmental guidelines for server rooms and data centers, of which are focused on reducing energy consumption, keeping temperatures within range, and carefully monitoring humidity to prevent corrosion and/or static electricity. In any case, the data and equipment needs to be protected from extreme environmental conditions around-the-clock, preferably by automated high-performance sensors and remote monitoring equipment.

Where our devices are used:

  • Server Rooms
  • Data Centers
  • Telecom Rooms
  • Equipment Rooms
  • HVAC Closets
  • Single-Server Racks
The TempAlert Difference


  • Actionable Alerts

    Alerts via email, SMS text, and automated phone call to protect your assets around-the-clock.

  • Plug and Play Solution

    Deploy sensor networks in minutes with ease.
 No IT required.

  • Backup Battery and Store & Forward

    Backup Battery and Store & Forward Technology for network outages.* (cellular models only*)

  • NIST Calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ

    Accredited ISO 17025 NIST Calibration and Certification and IQ / OQ / PQ Validation.

  • Intelligent Analytics Platform

    Use Sensor Cloud to view temperature logs, run robust reports, and to leverage compliance features.

  • Integration Teams

    Dedicated account, onboarding, and support teams for custom projects and API integrations.

Server Room Monitoring Solutions

Recently we had a customer write to relay his server room story. Brian Dykes is a Network Administrator at a Midwest law firm. He relayed, “Four weeks ago I started a job at a new company. During my interview, I found out that the company had a complete server meltdown and did not have a temperature control system in place. The first thing I did when I came in was purchase the USB Edition.”

The story continues, “Last night at around 9:00 PM, when the temperatures outside were still 95°F plus, I received an email that the server room temp was over 90°F and rising quickly. I raced into work and found it near 100°F and climbing. I was able to take action to restore cooling and save the company from another meltdown! THANK YOU FOR THE EXCELLENT TOOL!”

Many IT professionals have struggled with just such events. Indeed, disaster prevention is high on the list of priorities that data center managers and network administrators worry about, but feel they cannot afford to address. TempAlert’s low-cost, easy to install and use USB, WiFi, and Cellular environmental monitoring devices can bring the first level of defense to such companies at a cost most can afford.

Brian joins a long list of TempAlert customers who help manage business critical data centers, server and telecommunication rooms and find our simple, cost-effective, application friendly environmental monitoring devices essential to keep things running smoothly."

Prevent Overheating in Server Rooms

"Being an IT manager in this era of computing is difficult. Computer systems scale so much more than ever before, which can cause high temperatures in server rooms when adequate cooling is unavailable. This cooling is the most important factor in prolonging a computer system’s life. Maintaining the health of systems reduces cost and time while increasing the efficiency of various computer processes. Maintaining the health of the system also protects the data found on each server.

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission came to TempAlert seeking a solution that will alert all IT personnel when temperature fluctuations occur in their server rooms. This alert helps the WSSC determine the location of the problem and immediately send personnel to solve the problem before their precious data is lost.

Kerric Taylor CTO

“We were actively looking for devices to monitor the temperature in our various server room closets. The product we were using wasn’t working as expected. We looked at various products and competitors and felt that the WiFi unit from TempAlert fit our budget and our specifications. We were strapped for available space in the closets and could not afford to place a laptop in each closet. The WiFi unit is a great size and easy to install. We were able to install 40 WiFi devices in various server rooms. We had gotten an alert from the WiFi product and were ecstatic to see it work! We continue to have positive experiences with the TempAlert’s WiFi product. The best aspect of TempAlert, besides their product, is their attentive and helpful customer service personnel."


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